Stormy Daniels Involved with Nxivm?

By The Daily Dot. . .After Daniels did a photo shoot with Penthouse, a question posed on Twitter by the magazine became a hotbed of conspiracies.

NXIVM began as a multi-level marketing scheme that has been accused of devolving into a cult. It made headlines the past two months when its founder, Keith Raniere, was arrested on sex trafficking charges. Former members say Rainere kept women as slaves, branding them and forcing them to have sex. (Read more from “New Conspiracy Claims Stormy Daniels Is Part of Elite Sex Cult” HERE)


Stormy Daniels’ Tweet an Admission?

By Red Pill. Stormy Daniels has just been found to have been potentially involved in a cult invitation as per her own admission, and we have the exclusive archive to prove it.

Using her own Twitter account, Stormy Daniels tweeted “I think I am about to be initiated into a gang….or maybe it’s a cult. Lol,” back on February 18th of 2010, at 11:01 PM.

In case Stormy Daniels decides to delete the tweet, here’s an archive of it:

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New Claims Stormy Daniels Is Part of Elite Sex Cult

By Infowars. Users on social media spotted what they suspect could be a NXIVM branding scar on porn star Stormy Daniels.

Pictures of Daniels circulated message boards and social media, with particular emphasis on the groin area of her body which shows what appears to be a raised “K” shape scar among a flower tattoo piece.

Daniels hit back against the claims, confirming the mark is indeed a scar but that it came from surgery.

“1. I’m a model NOT a client. 2. You are a f*cking psycho. There are literally thousands of pics/video of me nude to disprove your terrible photoshopped conspiracy theory,” she tweeted on Tuesday, adding that it’s a “tattoo covering a surgery scar.” (Read more from “Stormy Daniels Involved with Nxivm?” HERE)

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