University Warns ‘Non-Mexican’ Students Against ‘Cultural Appropriation’ on Cinco De Mayo

Worried that “non-Mexican individuals” might partake of Cinco de Mayo festivities, Gonzaga University is telling students, “Don’t you dare put on that ‘sombrero.’”

In an email to the student body Wednesday, VP of Student Development Judi Biggs Garbuio notes that Cinco de Mayo is “a relatively minor holiday” in Mexico, but “has evolved into a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage” in the United States.

“Unfortunately, the celebrations have become less about the appreciation of Mexican heritage, and instead has become more about drinking and partying especially by non-Mexican individuals,” she continued. “Because of this, there are many instances when Cinco de Mayo becomes a holiday that is full of cultural appropriation . . .

The website gives tips which include, “It’s a good thing to ask yourself if what you’re wearing may be offensive to the culture you’re celebrating. And if you have to ask, you should probably refrain,” as well as, “especially don’t say things like ‘drinko’ or ‘eato’ or decide to bust out ‘andale’ or ‘hola.’” . . .

Instead, it suggests that students “learn about the history of Cinco de Mayo and how it became a part of US popular culture.” While they are doing that, it adds, they should try to “acknowledge the stereotypes you have internalized and discover why they are problematic.” (Read more from “University Warns ‘Non-Mexican’ Students Against ‘Cultural Appropriation’ on Cinco De Mayo” HERE)

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