Assault Weapons Ban Dies After Months of Fighting

An effort to revive a proposed ban on the sale of assault weapons failed in the Delaware Senate on Tuesday, effectively defeating the most controversial gun control measure pending before the Legislature.

Two Democrats sided with Republicans in opposing the maneuver, including Sen. Brian Bushweller of Dover and Sen. Bruce Ennis of Smyrna. That left Democrats two votes short of the 11 needed to bring the measure to the floor.

“It’s very unfortunate that we didn’t have the votes to even have a debate on the issue,” said the bill’s chief sponsor Sen. Bryan Townsend, D-Newark. “I’m a little surprised not to have the vote of all my Democratic colleagues, except for Sen. Ennis.” . . .

“The process that we have followed so far that caused the bill to lose in committee was consistent with my view on the bill,” Bushweller said. “I didn’t see a point in continuing a process that already resulted in what I think is the right thing to do with the bill.”

Tuesday’s vote marked the second defeat for Senate Bill 163 this month and a major loss for gun control advocates who pushed for reform in the wake of recent high-profile mass shootings. That includes Gov. John Carney, who had both called for the legislation to be introduced and urged for it to get a vote on the Senate floor. (Read more from “Assault Weapons Ban Dies After Months of Fighting” HERE)

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