This Country Isn’t Having Enough Babies, but Abortion Is Legal Anyway

By The Daily Caller. Ireland isn’t having enough kids to ensure it will be able to replace its population in the long run, but the nation voted in May to legalize abortion anyway.

Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) reported that Irish women are having an average of 1.8 children altogether. That number sits below 2.1 children per woman, which is the number of children Irish women would need to have in order to replace the population.

Women had 62,053 babies in 2017, marking a 1,844-decrease in babies born from 2016, according to the Independent.

Where Ireland’s birth rate used to sit at 16.1 per every thousand women aged 15 to 49 in 2007, that rate has fallen to 12.9 per thousand of child-bearing age women. The average age of women having their first child has risen to 31 years old. The marriage rate has also fallen 0.2 percent since 2016.

Despite the falling population, the Irish electorate voted 66.4 percent to 33.6 percent to repeal the Eight Amendment, results showed on May 26. The vote came after swaths of Irish, many of whom had traveled across international waters to return home in order to cast their ballots, headed to the booths May 25 to affirm or reject their commitment to protecting life. (Read more from “This Country Isn’t Having Enough Babies, but Abortion Is Legal Anyway” HERE)


Judge Agrees to Halt Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Law in Iowa

By NBC News. Attorneys for the state and Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds said during a court hearing that they agreed to prevent the law from taking effect on July 1 after discussions with the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, Planned Parenthood Federation of American and the Emma Goldman Clinic.

The advocacy groups argue the law is unconstitutional and have filed a lawsuit to block the law, which bans most abortions if a fetal heartbeat can be detected. An attorney representing the state said the goal now is to quickly get the case before a judge so the state can argue the law is constitutional.

Judge Michael Huppert said he would formally issue a temporary injunction later in the day.

Reynolds signed the law May 2, two days after lawmakers approved it. If the law is eventually allowed to take effect, the fetal heartbeat requirement would ban abortions around the sixth week of pregnancy — a time when, abortion-rights groups say, many women don’t even know they’re pregnant. (Read more from “Judge Agrees to Halt Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Law in Iowa” HERE)

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