France Bashes ‘Incoherent’ Trump for Withdrawing From G-7 Trade Agreement. Here’s What They Said.

By The Blaze. France released a statement on Sunday condemning President Donald Trump for withdrawing from a previously agreed-upon statement by all seven nations in the Group of Seven.

Trump announced the withdrawal on Saturday via Twitter after Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau said his country would move forward with retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. in response to tariffs Trump recently implemented. . .

In a statement, French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said all of Europe, which includes four of the G-7 nations, are standing in solidarity behind the communique agreed upon during last week’s G-7 summit in Canada.

“We spent two days to obtain a text and commitments. We will stand by them and anyone who would depart from them, once their back was turned, shows their incoherence and inconsistency,” the statement said, according to Politico EU, which quoted a French publication. (Read more from “France Bashes ‘Incoherent’ Trump for Withdrawing From G-7 Trade Agreement. Here’s What They Said.” HERE)


Typhoon Trump Blows G7 off Course

By Politico. As host of this year’s G7 summit, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to have just one over-arching goal: to get through the gathering without U.S. President Donald Trump blasting it to pieces. Trudeau succeeded — for all of about 90 minutes.

Just an hour and a half after Trudeau finished his concluding news conference, an irate Trump tweeted that he had “instructed our U.S. reps not to endorse the Communique” and threatened to impose tariffs on automobiles. He accused Trudeau of making “false statements” to the press.

Other G7 officials said Trump was too late. The communiqué was agreed, the summit done, the leaders packing up or already gone — like Trump himself, who tweeted his fury en route to Singapore to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Technically, the others may be right. But from a political perspective, Trump’s rant — and his proven willingness to tear up international agreements — effectively rendered the leaders’ joint declaration moot. (Read more from “Typhoon Trump Blows G7 off Course” HERE)

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