Guess Which Celebrity May Accompany Trump to Meet Kim Jong Un

President Trump may be accompanied by one of Kim Jong Un’s best friends when he meets with the North Korean dictator next week in Singapore: former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Sources told The New York Post that not only will Rodman be in Singapore at the time of the meeting, but he could take part in the negotiations. One source told the Post, “No matter what you might think about his presence. One thing’s for sure the ratings will be huge. A lot of times in situations that involve complex diplomacy countries like to identify ambassadors of goodwill and whether you agree with it or not Dennis Rodman fits the bill.”

Rodman has visited North Korea five times, and he believes that he was responsible for the North Korean dictator “understanding” Trump. In April, he told TMZ he gave Kim Jong Un a copy of Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal,” for the dictator’s birthday in 2017. He stated, “I think [Kim] didn’t realize who Donald Trump was at that time, I guess, until he started to read the book and started to get to understand him. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are pretty much the same.”

Rodman added modestly, “I don’t want to take all the credit. I don’t want to sit there and say, ‘I did this, I did that.’ That’s not my intention. My intention was to go over and be a sports ambassador to North Korea so people understand how the people are in North Korea. I think that has resonated to this whole point now.” (Read more from “Guess Which Celebrity May Accompany Trump to Meet Kim Jong Un” HERE)

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