Kim Jong Un Orders Another Military Officer Executed by Firing Squad. Here’s Why

By The Blaze. North Korea has reportedly carried out the public execution of a high-ranking military official by firing squad, at the orders of leader Kim Jong Un.

Lieutenant General Hyon Ju-song was found guilty of profiting the enemy, abusing authority, and engaging in anti-Party acts after being accused of distributing extra rations of food and fuel to his troops. . .

Korean online newspaper Daily NK reported the incident, saying that Hyon had been on the fast track to success prior to his execution. He had risen through the ranks after starting out as an enlisted soldier, to eventually holding the official position of director of the inspection division of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces General Rear Services Bureau.

But Daily NK’s source said that, “While checking the oil supplies for the Sohae Satellite Launching Station during the comprehensive inspections of wartime supplies on April 10, Hyon stated, ‘We no longer have to suffer and tighten our belts to make rockets or nuclear weapons.’ This was seen as an abuse of authority and a treasonous statement that opposed the Party’s military-first policy.

“[Hyon] gave out instructions to send out 1 ton of fuel, 580 kg of rice, and 750 kg of corn to military officers at the Launching Station and their families. This was considered an anti-Party act violating the Ten Principles for the Establishment of the Party’s One Ideology System.” (Read more from “Kim Jong Un Orders Another Military Officer Executed by Firing Squad. Here’s Why” HERE)


North Korea Upgrades Nuclear Facility Despite Trump-Kim Summit, Satellite Images Show

By USA Today. North Korea is upgrading a major nuclear research facility despite President Donald Trump’s claim that leader Kim Jong Un has vowed to disarm, according to new satellite images and a research paper published by a North Korea monitoring group.

Experts at 38 North, a website affiliated with the Stimson Center in Washington D.C. devoted to analysis of North Korea, concluded the images show that “improvements to the infrastructure at North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center are continuing at a rapid pace.”

The satellite images are from June 21.

That’s less than two weeks after Trump boasted of a diplomatic breakthrough with Pyongyang over its nuclear weapons program after decades of hostility.

Trump and Kim signed a joint declaration at a summit in Singapore on June 12 and pledged to work toward peace and to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. “We’re ready to write a new chapter between our nations,” Trump said at a news conference following the summit. He called his meeting with Kim “honest, direct and productive.” (Read more from “North Korea Upgrades Nuclear Facility Despite Trump-Kim Summit, Satellite Images Show” HERE)

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