Man Paddle Boards to Business Meeting in a Suit to Avoid Being Late

Sure, it’s common in New York City to see men in suits commuting on the subway or in taxis — but on a paddleboard across the Hudson River? That may be a first.

Eunice Rivers was taking the ferry to work in Jersey City Thursday morning when she spotted a man paddleboarding across the Hudson River wearing a full suit, dress shoes and all. Without hesitation, she grabbed her phone to capture the odd moment on video and share it over social media.

The mysterious commuter turned out to be Scott Holt, who lives in Jersey City. The aspiring comedian says he was running late for a meeting in New York City with a potential manager, and he decided to hop on his paddleboard to cross the river faster. The trip only took him about half-hour to complete. . .

“Boats’ wakes were coming at me from different angles and the current was quick closer to Manhattan,” Holt told News 4 over the phone. He admits that there were a few moments where he almost fell into the water.

When he reached a closed water taxi port on the New York side of the Hudson, there was a very confused cop and an irate Water Taxi captain waiting for him. (Read more from “Man Paddle Boards to Business Meeting in a Suit to Avoid Being Late” HERE)

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