Military’s Homosexual Agenda Continues to Push Forward Forcefully Despite Trump’s Opposition

Air Force Expands Parental Leave for Homosexual “Parents”

By Air Force Times. The Air Force on Friday announced an expansion of parental leave for fathers, same-sex couples, and adoptive and surrogate parents. . .

Covered service members who are having a child through birth, adoption or surrogacy will decide which parent is the primary caregiver and which is the secondary caregiver.

The Air Force said airmen should decide which parent is primary and which is secondary as early as possible. Parents cannot transfer their leave to one another. (Read more from “Air Force Expands Parental Leave for Homosexual “Parents” HERE)


Navy Allows Homosexually Promiscuous Sailors to Remain on Active Duty and Take Anti-HIV Drug Truvada; Air Force Disagrees – For Now

By If the policy were different, Lt. Jones might be transferring to the U.S. Air Force now, knowing the service is short on pilots.

But Jones, who has served in the Navy since 2010, will extend his career there instead of joining the Air Force Reserve. The reason? The Air Force does not allow its pilots to take a popular medication designed to prevent HIV infection. The Navy does.

Critics say the Air Force’s policy represents an overly conservative approach that borders on homophobia, since the medication is commonly used by gay, sexually active individuals. Meanwhile, Air Force leaders say they need time to rewrite older policies. . .

Jones, an E-2 Hawkeye pilot who asked that his first name not be published for privacy reasons, doesn’t have human immunodeficiency virus, but the pill — commonly known as Truvada and used as a pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment (PrEP) to reduce the risk of HIV — is banned in the Air Force for those who fly. . .

“I’ve weighed my options,” said Jones. “In the Navy, my prescription is already taken care of and I have that established. If I go Air Force … I’m not willing to put my safety or my health at risk if they’re ignorant to something that’s actually really beneficial for a lot of people.” (Read more from “Navy Allows Homosexually Promiscuous Sailors to Remain on Active Duty and Take Anti-HIV Drug Truvada; Air Force Disagrees – For Now” HERE)


Trump’s Transgender Military Policy Under Attack by 100 in Congress

By The Daily Signal. More than 100 lawmakers have signed a letter calling on Defense Secretary James Mattis to rescind his recently announced transgender policy for the military, as USA Today reports.

Mattis’ policy largely returns the military to the transgender policy in effect prior to 2016, when President Barack Obama enacted sweeping changes based on political considerations and a Rand Corp. study later found to have “mischaracterized” much of the data surrounding service by transgender individuals. . .

The crux of the Pentagon’s new policy prohibits transgender individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria from serving in the military because these individuals have been found to “experience significant distress and impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.”

The Pentagon based this conclusion on its own vast amounts of medical data gathered from years of experience dealing with service members who had gender dysphoria. It also relied on publically available data documenting that transgender individuals with gender dysphoria attempt suicide at nearly nine times the U.S. average lifetime rate, and experience severe anxiety at eight times the average rate.

This level of mental anxiety and distress is fundamentally incompatible with arduous military service. And despite years of effort, as studies agree, a successful treatment for gender dysphoria is yet to be found. (Read more from “Trump’s Transgender Military Policy Under Attack by 100 in Congress” HERE)

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