Nessie Found? New Hunt for Loch Ness Monster’s DNA

. . .Researchers in Scotland have been secretly sweeping the lake for DNA traces, suggesting that if the elusive “Nessie” is real, it will have DNA that has spread throughout the storied body of water.

Scientists can use this genetic material, known as eDNA, to track elusive beasts. And now researchers are turning that powerful method on Loch Ness to create the most comprehensive biodiversity catalog of its residents yet. . .

Researchers have used to the technique to help determine the presence of invasive bullfrogs in France and the movements of invasive Asian Carp in the Great Lakes. It’s even been used to monitor fish migrations around New York.

The Loch Ness researchers hope to create a similar catalogue while surveying the lake’s DNA. The researchers have been collecting samples since April, Michael Greshko writes for National Geographic and they’ll start extracting the DNA this month. But the team doesn’t expect to release its findings until January.

Meanwhile, video of what appears to be a similar “plesiosaur-type” creature in the deep, dark waters of Kanas Lake in China. See the eerie images of the 30-foot-long beast in Xinjiang province and decide for yourself. (Read more from “New Hunt for Loch Ness Monster’s DNA” HERE)

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