North Korea Summit Is Back On

By WND. After announcing last week that the planned historic summit with North Korean’s Kim Jong Un had been canceled because of the dictator’s “tremendous anger and open hostility,” President Trump said Friday after meeting with a top North Korean aide that the summit will take place June 12 in Singapore as originally planned. . .

Trump said his meeting Friday in the Oval Office with Kim Yong Chol, Kim Jong Un’s top aide, was a “great start,” confirming the official gave him a personal letter from the North Korean dictator.

Trump said a meeting that was intended to be only about “the delivery of a letter,” which he said he had not read yet, turned out to be an extended conversation with the “second most powerful man in North Korea” that led to restoration of the summit.

“We talked about a lot of things,” Trump said. “We really did. But the big deal will be on June 12.” . . .

One week ago, Trump, whose stated objective is denuclearization of the rogue regime, sent a letter to Kim Jong Un declaring the meeting had been canceled and lamenting the world and North Korea had missed a “great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity.” (Read more from “North Korea Summit Is Back On” HERE)


Why North Korea’s ‘Special Delivery’ Letter Was so Warmly Received in the Oval Office

By NBC News. Even before President Donald Trump had read the letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday, it was “special delivery.”

Instead of bringing Kim Jong Un’s number-two unceremoniously through a side door, the White House rolled out the red carpet for Kim Yong Chol, North Korea’s former longtime spy chief. Even though Gen. Kim remains under Treasury Department sanctions, with a record of hostile actions against the United States, he was given the kind of reception usually accorded a top diplomat from a friendly nation.

What does this signify? Clearly, Trump has come a long way from his threats of “fire and fury” and insults against “little rocket man,” to say nothing of his New Year’s tweets comparing his “nuclear button” with Kim Jong Un’s. He needs a show of good relations between the U.S. and North Korea as much as Kim Jong Un does, and immediately announced that the summit between the two men was back on for June 12 in Singapore. (Read more from “Why North Korea’s ‘Special Delivery’ Letter Was so Warmly Received in the Oval Office” HERE)

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