Obama Policy Puts ‘Diversity’ Above Air Safety

The Obama administration’s dumbing down of the selection process for the job of air-traffic controller – valuing “workplace diversity” above competency, experience and skills – is a deadly “collision with reality” that threatens not only the lives of airline passengers but also the nation’s security and economy, contends a veteran safety expert.

“They’re taking something that is very real, the danger of death, and playing with it politically,” said Vernon Grose, a risk-management expert and air-disaster analyst who was appointed by President Reagan to the National Transportation Safety Board in 1983.

The Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson recently featured a lawsuit by a former FAA employee who is challenging a requirement enacted in 2014 by the Obama administration that air-traffic controller candidates complete a “biographical questionnaire” before being considered for a job. Remarkably, factors such as being unemployed and doing poorly in science in high school are weighed higher than having extensive air-traffic-control knowledge and being a licensed pilot.

Further, when the policy was implemented, many highly qualified minorities who had been training to become air-traffic controllers were bypassed, according to the lawsuit.

With an average of about 5,500 aircraft airborne over the United States at any given time, an air-traffic controller must be capable of dynamic and rapid interaction, maintaining constant awareness of aircraft movement while quickly and accurately communicating with pilots and other controllers, Grose emphasized in an interview with WND. (Read more from “Obama Policy Puts ‘Diversity’ Above Air Safety” HERE)

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