Professor Calls for ‘Toxic Masculinity Training’ for Kids as Young as Five

. . .In a recently published issue of On The Horizon, Kathleen Elliott argues that “finding ways to promote healthy masculinity early and to teach boys and young men to recognize, reject, and challenge simplified, toxic masculinity is essential for creating cultural change.”

Men’s Projects—which typically probe participants to reflect on the ramifications of masculinity—are increasingly commonplace on college campuses, and Elliott suggests that “many of goals and methods can be adopted in k-12 schools.”

Citing the now-defunct University of Wisconsin-Madison Men’s Project, Elliott explains that such programs educate male students on “intersectionality and the complexity of masculinity identities” while helping them “challenge simplified definitions of masculinity.”

The scholar further argues that in addition to implementing Men’s Projects in K-12, one of the key strategies teachers can use to fight toxic masculinity is to “highlight women’s achievements in curricula and in the classroom.” . . .

The professor also encourages K-12 teachers to “explicitly teach and model complex masculinity,” especially in light of media representations that promote “aspects of toxic masculinity such as physical strength, dominance, and heterosexual prowess.” (Read more from “Professor Calls for ‘Toxic Masculinity Training’ for Kids as Young as Five” HERE)

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