Robert De Niro Just Handed Trump’s 2020 Campaign a Blank Check

Sunday night was the 72nd Tony Awards, the annual ceremony that’s supposed to celebrate the best of Broadway. But what’s being talked about more than any of the winners or nominees, co-hosts Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles, or even a moving performance from the Parkland students was the unhinged anti-Trump tirade made by Robert De Niro.

De Niro stepped on the stage to give a simple introduction to Bruce Springsteen’s Tony-nominated show, and immediately went off the rails. . .

De Niro arrived at the Tony Awards thinking he was doing a public service with his profanity-laced stunt and has some sort of moral high ground. He runs with a group of countless A-listers who knew the truth about Harvey Weinstein for decades and didn’t do anything about it. He worked with Weinstein on several films over the years. So spare us the sanctimonious lectures.

Outspoken liberals in Hollywood aren’t the only people who have failed to recognize their own errors in 2016. Democrats continue to push identity politics instead of advocating an agenda that unites all Americans. And the mainstream media allows their disdain for the president to taint its reporting on a constant basis.

What none of them took away from Trump’s shocking victory was how out-of-touch they all were with average Americans. Sure, De Niro screaming like a cranky old man may have played well in viewing parties in LA and New York, but folks in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania probably felt differently. The #Resistance’s nonstop preaching about how bad Trump was in 2016 had an opposite effect on his supporters. In fact, they inadvertently motivated his base, turning their vote into a giant middle finger to the establishment and the elites. (Read more from “Robert De Niro Just Handed Trump’s 2020 Campaign a Blank Check” HERE)

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