Watch: This Ad Shows How the Political Left Has Become Totally Unspooled

There are two Americas. One America sees a booming economy, record low unemployment; historic lows within the black community, and consumer and small business confidence reaching their highest levels in years. The other America sees darkness, a slide to authoritarianism, hopelessness, and a racist president who is throwing children into concentration camps. We’re becoming Nazi Germany when in fact none of this is happening. Also, the definition of what makes someone a national socialist surely has changed; we’re just enforcing immigration laws. Yes, I know the Left calls anyone with whom they hate a Nazi—and that slide into absurdity has boiled over.

From calls to harass Trump officials in public, to jokes about killing Trump, blowing up the White House, and mock beheadings of the president—the Left has become totally unspooled. They talk about civility and its breakdown, but only they have the license to call a member of the First Family a “feckless c**t.” So, please—enough with these renewed calls for civility.

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