Alan Dershowitz Says Russian Indictments Are Proof a Special Counsel Is Unnecessary

Civil liberty icon Alan Dershowitz said Friday that the indictments against Russians officials in the special counsel’s investigation into election interference are proof that the special counsel was unnecessary. . .

Dershowitz said on Fox News that the indictments could have been pursued by other than a special counsel investigation. He was asked to respond to a tweet from Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, opining that the special counsel investigation needs to be shut down. . .

“This indictment could have been brought by ordinary prosecutors, ordinary FBI agents, there’s no conflict here, it’s Russians they are going after,” he added. “There’s no president, there’s no people around the president, there’s no conflict between the attorney general and the deputy attorney general, and Americans, it’s all Russians.”

“Why do we need to spend twenty, thirty, forty million dollars, have special counsel appointed, to do a routine national security investigation, number one?” he asked.

“Number two we’ll never find out the extent of the guilt of these people because of course they’re never gonna go on trial,” he continued. “They’re indicted but they’ll never go on trial.”

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