How Do Americans Truly Feel About Abolishing ICE?

More bad polling news keeps streaming in for a Democratic Party increasingly embracing more radical left positions. Amid polls showing that the Democrats’ plan to block Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee doesn’t sit well with a majority of Americans, another poll on a hot button election year topic didn’t go the way the “future of the party” would’ve hoped.

The #AbolishICE movement, promoted by several high-profile Democrats, including rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is not something many Americans feel they can get behind. Though HuffPost hasn’t given up on the possibility that the movement might catch on, the outlet found in its new poll that “abolishing ICE isn’t very popular (yet).”

The radical hashtag movement, HuffPost explains, grew into “a key policy plank in the biggest political upset this election cycle” with the upset victory of Ocasio-Cortez, who says that we have a moral obligation to shut down the immigration enforcement agency. “Morally, we need to abolish ICE,” said the self-styled Democratic Socialist. “We are now at a moral crisis with the development of what’s going on at the border. Pushing for an immediate stop to that if we haven’t done it by November is absolutely a No. 1 priority.”

After witnessing her rather stunning victory over the incumbent many assumed would be “Nancy Pelosi’s successor,” many progressives have concluded that her radical call to end immigration enforcement as we know it might be the key to that longed-for “blue wave” in November. But how do Americans feel about the hashtag campaign-turned-progressives’ “No. 1 priority”? Not so great. HuffPost reports:

Opinions on ICE as an agency are mixed: Just 37 percent of those surveyed said they have a favorable opinion of the agency, and 39 percent said they have a negative opinion. But the public appears far from eager to get rid of the agency. Just 21 percent of respondents said they support abolishing ICE, while 44 percent said they oppose it, with 35 percent undecided. Nearly 3 in 10 Americans polled said they strongly oppose the idea.

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