Billionaire Democrat Donor Calls for ‘Nuclear War’ to Stop Trump

Billionaire Democrat donor Tom Steyer called for a “nuclear war” to stop President Trump — then took back his comment after the interviewer called his point “sobering.”

“Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war and then we get a real course correction,” Steyer told The Rolling Stone in an interview published Friday. He was elaborating on his belief that it is imperative for Congress to impeach Trump immediately, because the “checks and balances system” set up in the constitution isn’t working, and the only other option is to wait around for economic disaster and war. . .

DICKINSON: In a recent interview you suggested not impeaching Trump is normalizing him. What do you mean?

STEYER: Once you don’t speak up against lawlessness, lawlessness is permitted. …

It’s like being at a dinner party and somebody makes a racial slur and you speak up and say, ‘I think that’s really wrong, and you should take that back,’ and everyone says, ‘Ooooh, you’re making a big fuss here.’ Like, yeah, we’re making a big fuss – because something is wrong. Everyone’s acting as though it’s somehow impolite to stand up for American democracy.

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