Democrats Aren’t Going to Like WaPo’s New Poll on Trump’s Immigration Policies

As the Democrats increasingly embrace the radical and widely unpopular #AbolishICE movement promoted by “the future” of the party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Washington Post has some sobering news for the party: a strong majority of Americans support Donald Trump’s policies on detaining illegal immigrant families as opposed to the Democrats’ approach.

The Washington Post found that most Americans disagree with the position pushed by a federal judge in California demanding that the Trump administration quickly release migrants with children who have entered the country illegally and allow the family to stay until a future hearing — the illegal immigration-promoting “catch and release” policy of the Obama administration.

Unfortunately for the #AbolishICE Democrats, the Post found “broad support” not for the Democrats’ preferred policy, but for Trump’s approach:

Despite the legal setback, the Post-Schar School poll shows broad support for the policy Trump administration lawyers pushed for, including among a wide range of political groups. Keeping immigrant families in detention rather than releasing them garners support from 74 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of independents. Democrats — 89 percent of whom disapprove of Trump’s handling of immigration — are almost evenly split on the question, with 49 percent saying families should be detained, while 50 percent say they should be temporarily released.

There is little gender gap on the question, with 59 percent of men and 57 percent of women preferring to detain immigrant families together until their case is resolved. That compares with child-parent separations, about which women were 25 percentage points more likely than men to say they “strongly opposed” (65 percent vs. 40 percent).

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