Derp: Leftist Analyst Slams Possible Trump SCOTUS Pick for Hate Group Ties That Aren’t Real

Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a potential nominee to fill the vacancy that is going to be left by outgoing Justice Anthony Kennedy. She’s going to be torched. For starters, she’s been picked by Trump, which makes her an enemy of the state to liberals. Second, she’s Catholic. Yes, Senate Democrats had an issue with her faith during her confirmation hearing for the seventh circuit. With liberals gripped with fear over abortion rights, you bet the Catholic attacks are coming back.

The Left is gunning for whomever Trump selects, and right now, the person of interest for left-wingers is Judge Barrett. Yet, in their initial attack, they’ve already been clotheslined by reality. Let’s start with the false claim that Judge Barrett has ties to the “hate group” Alliance Defending Freedom. It stems from that terrible confirmation hearing last fall, where Democrats grilled the scary, conservative, and uber-Catholic Barrett. The charge was Barrett didn’t fully vet ADF for it’s alleged support for sterilizing transgender people, or something. Former Sen. AL Franken (D-MN), who resigned in disgrace after he allegedly groped multiple women, lobbed the accusation. It’s pure crap (via National Review):

Franken parroted the Southern Poverty Law Center’s claim that ADF is a “hate group” and faulted Barrett for speaking to ADF’s Blackstone Fellowship program.


A has-been comic who has evidently lost his sense of irony, Franken faulted Barrett for failing to “vet” ADF even as he failed to vet SPLC’s attack on ADF. For example, Franken quoted and credited SPLC’s claim that ADF “has defended state-sanctioned sterilization of transgendered people abroad.” And he then adopted the charge as his own: “This is a group that calls for the sterilization of transgender people abroad.”

Franken’s claim is flatly false. If Franken or his staff had bothered to click SPLC’s supposedly supporting link, they would have discovered that the European Court of Human Rights case that SPLC was relying on was one that involved the vexing question whether and when government-issued documents should redefine a person’s biological sex to comport with the person’s gender identity.

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