Hundreds of CRIMINAL Illegal Aliens Go Free Because of State’s Sanctuary Policies

According to a report prepared by ICE’s Boston field office for the staff of the Massachusetts governor, between March 19 and May 30, 2018, roughly half of the 456 deportable criminal aliens who were arrested eluded ICE, either because local agencies did not honor ICE’s detainers or cooperate with ICE, or because the local agency let the criminals go before ICE could issue a detainer.

In 216 cases, the illegal aliens had committed crimes including rape, assault, firearms possession, drug distribution and trafficking, drug possession, OUI, domestic violence, property crimes, and motor vehicle offenses. But according to the report, in roughly half of the cases the local jails will release aliens on bail without notifying ICE.

130 of the aliens were released from custody before ICE could issue a detainer; 110 of the aliens’ cases were referred to the ICE Criminal Alien Program (CAP) officers, who arrest incarcerated aliens in local jails. . .

These figures demonstrate the significant adverse effect of state and local sanctuary policies on ICE’s ability to remove criminal aliens. The sum of 110 aliens referred to the CAP program and half of the 216 who were subject to detainers that were honored (108) is a total of 218 criminal aliens out of 456. This is only about 48 percent of all deportable criminal aliens that ICE was aware of, that could be readily apprehended and put on the path to removal.

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited Lawrence, Massachusetts for protecting criminal alien drug traffickers, Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera said Sessions’ remarks were a “fabrication,” adding that he was thinking of suing Sessions for libel, claiming Lawrence notifies ICE of every criminal alien. But as Vaughan points out, “Rivera grossly misrepresented the city’s ordinance, which prohibits Lawrence police officers from notifying ICE about any criminal aliens.” (Read more from “Hundreds of Criminal Illegal Aliens Go Free Because of State’s Sanctuary Policies” HERE)

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