Police Under Fire for Fatal Shooting of Black Man; New Report Reveals Suspect Shot at Officers

Leftist activists, with help from the media, have attempted to frame the fatal police shooting of an armed convicted felon, who happens to be a black male, fleeing Minneapolis officers as racially motivated. But the released video footage from the June incident and a new investigative report from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman reveals that the felon shot at officers before he was fired at. . .

In the released footage of the incident, suspect Thurman Blevins is shown in possession of a firearm. “I don’t know the exact seconds of shots, but as Blevins’ gun comes around you’ll see he fired, it hits the pavement in the alley, the round hits the pavement right in the direction of Officer Kelly,” explained Mr. Kroll, according to KMSP News.

This assertion is backed up by an investigative report that revealed a bullet casing from Mr. Blevins’ gun was recovered. “One brass cartridge case was recovered near Mr. Blevins’ body (later determined to have been fired by Mr. Blevins’ gun),” says the report. . .

“The Federation maintained from the start that the officers’ actions during this incident were heroic. The body camera footage exemplifies this,” he said. “The officers did exactly what the public expects them to do. They responded to a 911 call of someone shooting a gun. They located the suspect, gave numerous orders for him to comply, pursued the suspect as he fled. They were forced to fire at the suspect only after he pointed a gun and fired at the officers. The officers deserve Minneapolis Police Department’s highest award, the Medal of Honor, and they deserve the respect of the population they are sworn to protect.”

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