This Was Ranked America’s Top State for Business

In an article published Tuesday, Texas governor Greg Abbott reacted to his state taking first place in CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business scorecard.

“To keep Texas the best state to build a business big or small, I will continue to implement a blueprint for a new era of economic expansion,” the governor said.

“Innovation and self-reliance are deeply rooted in the Lone Star State, and when freed from the stranglehold of over taxation and overregulation, new ideas flourish. By limiting senseless government restrictions, the opportunity to succeed in business is as limitless as the land itself.”

During an interview on January 19, Abbott told viewers, “Every CEO across the country when they move to the state of Texas I ask them the same thing, why are you coming to Texas? The first words out of their mouth is the same thing, and that is because you have the best workforce in America.” . . .

“The Texas economy is the fastest-growing in the nation,” Abbott said. “More Texans are working than ever before as the Lone Star State leads in private-sector job creation — over the month, over the year and over the past 10 years. And jobs in Texas are now on pace for the strongest growth in four years. This is not accidental.” (Read more from “This Was Ranked America’s Top State for Business” HERE)

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