Scumbag: Some Jerk Drained the Bank Account of America’s Oldest Living Veteran

Some thief committed identity fraud and stole every penny out of the bank account of America’s oldest living veteran, Richard Overton. The good news, though, is that a previously created GoFundMe has already accumulated more than $300,000 to help recoup the losses.

Richard Overton, aged 112, is the oldest living veteran in the United States. His personal information is readily available online, and his family members say that somebody must have taken it to “hack” into his personal bank account and take his life’s savings.

Someone used his account to purchase savings bonds with Treasury Direct, Richard Overton’s cousin Volma Overton Jr. said. He added that the purchases had been happening for a “couple of months.”

Volma Overton discovered the account discrepancy when he deposited money into Richard Overton’s personal account, then went to the bank to check the balance. All that was in there was the money he had just deposited.

“I looked at it — what the hell are these debits?” Volma Overton recalled thinking when a bank employee pulled up the statement showing the money went to Treasury Direct. He said the bank has been very helpful and that he’s also sent a letter to Treasury Direct. The family has not notified police.

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