So, Did a Trump Joke Prompt Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton?

By Daily Wire. On Friday, the Mueller investigation handed down 12 indictments against members of the Russian government for hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Democratic National Committee, among other crimes. There wasn’t much regarding Trump campaign involvement with these Russian agents. The strongest material linked the agents to Roger Stone, a Trump campaign ally who may not have been aware that they were Russian agents at all: he repeatedly tweeted out his support for Guccifer 2.0, who turned out to be a front for the Russians.

With that said, one specific allegation has inflamed the imaginations of those in the media and on the Left: the supposed linkage between then-candidate Donald Trump’s July 27 campaign comments, and the GRU’s attempts to hack Hillary Clinton’s personal email address. . .

It seems clear from the language used in the indictment that the DOJ is trying to connect Trump’s comments with the Russian interference in this case – “after hours” and “for the first time” suggest that something prompted this action. But even if Trump openly called for Russia to hack Hillary and she was hacked, that’s not collusion in any real sense – it’s just nasty, inexcusable jabbering followed by Russian criminality. For there to be collusion, there would have to be planning or a quid pro quo, and there’s no evidence of any of that right now. (Read more from “So, Did Trump Prompt Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton?” HERE)


White House: Trump-Putin Summit ‘Is on’ After Hacking Indictment

By BBC. A summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin will go ahead as planned despite tension over Moscow’s alleged election meddling, the White House says.

The pair will meet for talks in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, on Monday.

“It’s on,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters.

But there are calls for the meeting to be cancelled after the US charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with election interference on Friday.

For its part, Russia said it was looking forward to the meeting. (Read more from “White House: Trump-Putin Summit ‘Is on’ After Hacking Indictment” HERE)

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