U.S. Embassy in London Alerts Americans of Possible Violence During Trump Visit

By The Blaze. . .Widespread protests are being planned across Britain to take place while the US president is in the country. In an effort to prepare and warn Americans ahead of the demonstrations, the US Embassy is encouraging its citizens to take extra precautions.

With tens of thousands of Brits signed up to take part in the protests of President Trump’s policies, the embassy further warned that “several of the events are expected to attract large crowds and there will be road closures in connection with these events.” . . .

It’s all about “the resistance.” Environmentalist groups, trade unions, refugee advocates and other interest groups are teaming up to try and make the president’s visit as uncomfortable as possible. . .

Shabbir Lakha, organizer for Together Against Trump — a coalition representing several groups — said, “We want to show our opposition to Donald Trump and everything that he represents.”

News editor Gordon Robertson of The Daily Record said, “We have a great respect for the office of the president and affection for American presidents, but not the incumbent.” Robertson called President Trump “a threat to international stability,” and added that “he has a tenuous relationship with the truth. We want to let him know that we don’t appreciate what he stands for.” (Read more from “U.S. Embassy in London Alerts Americans of Possible Violence During Trump Visit” HERE)


President Donald Trump Talks of UK ‘Turmoil’ Ahead of Visit

By BBC. The UK is in “turmoil” and “it is up to the people” whether Theresa May stays as prime minister, Donald Trump has said ahead of his first visit to the country as US President.

Mr Trump told reporters before leaving Washington there were “a lot of things going on” in the UK at the moment.

He said he got on well with Mrs May and had “always liked” Boris Johnson, who quit as foreign secretary on Monday.

Mr Trump arrives on Thursday after attending the Nato summit.

The US President is set to arrive in the UK on the same day as the government publishes its White Paper setting out in more detail Mrs May’s controversial offer to the EU on future relations after Brexit. (Read more from “President Donald Trump Talks of UK ‘Turmoil’ Ahead of Visit” HERE)

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