Democrat Senator Offers ‘Chilling’ Statement on Infowars Ban – and Gets Scorched Online

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut offered a “chilling” commentary on the digital ban on the Infowars conspiracy website, and the response from social media was less than positive. . .

Infowars and its chief personality Alex Jones have been criticized widely for spreading false news and conspiracy theories, but many more are criticizing how the company has been banned by many social media companies. The social media platforms accused Jones and Inforwars of bullying and the use of hate speech to justify their actions.

. . .

Senator Murphy’s demand that more voices be stifled was not met with a cheery reaction from many on social media.

“This is a little…alarmist,” said Brian Phillips of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “Not a single person I know – right, left, middle, Republican, Democrat, Independent, in politics or out, whatever level of engagement of current events – is even remotely influenced by anything said on InfoWars.”

“The survival of our democracy depends on the restriction of free speech? This is a chilling comment from a government official,” responded conservative commentator Matt Walsh. “If his constituents care at all about freedom, they will make him pay for it come election time.” (Read more from “Democrat Senator Offers ‘Chilling’ Statement on Infowars Ban – and Gets Scorched Online” HERE)

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