SWAT Brings out the Big Guns When Anti-ICE Protesters Try Blockading Federal Building

By Conservative Tribune. The hot new thing to do on the left these days in response to President Donald Trump’s no-nonsense, “zero tolerance” policies on illegal immigration is to protest and call for the abolition of the agency tasked with upholding such laws, namely the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. . .

The latest gambit of this sort occurred this week in the Denver area as protesters set up camp on Sunday along the public sidewalk in front of the Centennial ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, only to see their efforts busted up by police on Thursday, according to The Hill. . .

Unlike in Portland, where the local law enforcement agencies essentially “stood down” and allowed protesters to wreak havoc for weeks against the federal officials — leaving it almost entirely up to federal agents to clear out the area so the mess could be cleaned up — local law enforcement agencies in Colorado stepped up and provided an assist to their federal colleagues who were being harassed and targeted by the antics of the unlawfully assembled group.

The Denver Post reported that a SWAT team with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene late Thursday afternoon and began the process of detaching the protesters from each other and taking them into custody.

Armed with riot gear, rifles and power tools, the sheriff’s office SWAT team used those power tools to carefully cut through the cylinders and chains to separate the protesters that had stretched themselves across the entrance/exit of the facility, preventing anyone from coming or going in a vehicle, according to KDVR. (Read more from “SWAT Brings out the Big Guns When Anti-ICE Protesters Try Blockading Federal Building” HERE)


Trump to Nominate Vitiello for Top Job at ICE

By The Washington Post. The White House announced Monday that President Trump intends to nominate Ronald D. ­Vitiello to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, potentially averting a confirmation showdown by choosing an experienced law enforcement official for the role.

Vitiello, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol, was named acting director of ICE last month. Trump’s previous pick for the job, Thomas Homan, stepped down after his nomination process stalled and Republican leaders did not bring his confirmation up for a vote in the Senate. (Read more from “Trump to Nominate Vitiello for Top Job at ICE” HERE)

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