Dan Bongino Explains the ‘One Key Thing’ the Declassified Carter Page FISA Application Will Reveal

By Conservative Review. On Monday evening, President Donald Trump ordered the declassification of several pages of the June 2017 Carter Page FISA application and the public release of all text messages related to the Russia investigation from James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr — without redaction.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here it comes,” Dan Bongino said, filling in for Mark Levin on the radio. The host of The Dan Bongino Show podcast predicted that the public release of these documents will show that the Russian collusion allegations made against Trump by the Democrats and the media are nothing but a hoax.

“You are going to see one key thing: that this entire case, from minute one, was based on one big, fat hoax perpetrated by people working for Hillary Clinton in the form of this filthy, disgusting dossier with not a scintilla of actual information.”

“If you believe in this, you’ve been hoaxed,” Bongino said. (For more from the author of “Dan Bongino Explains the ‘One Key Thing’ the Declassified Carter Page FISA Application Will Reveal” please click HERE)


Carter Page Reacts to Calls to Declassify FISA Documents

By Fox News. Developing tonight, President Trump looks poised to finally declassify previously redacted sections of FISA applications against former Trump campaign associate, Carter Page. Joining me now with his very unique perspective on all of this including the Mueller investigation motivation behind it, former Trump campaign associate, Carter Page himself.

Your first visit on “Justice,” Carter, we are delighted to have you on. And so, I want to start and move very quickly through this. You have been through so much. We now know that liars and leaks and the liberals in the DOJ as well as the Department of the Justice want to frame Donald Trump in order to impeach him. . .

CARTER PAGE, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN ASSOCIATE: It’s like I often say, Judge Jeanine, it’s not about me, it’s about fixing the disaster that this has created for our country. . .

PAGE: I have incredible support from people that have been doing a lot of work, including Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch. People in Congress like Chairman Nunes and Chairman Grassley that have been doing so much to try to get the truth out there, and you know, you and your team at Fox. It’s been incredible. . .

PAGE: Judge Jeanine, it’s funny. When I was – Devlin Barrett from The Washington Post had a report about me having various interviews with the FBI in March of 2017. The following months, they kept having these various leaks which you are referring to, and I actually told them similar to what Mr. Manafort’s attorney said yesterday. He had a lot of security threats in various – he’s concerned about his safety. That’s exactly what I told the FBI that month as well. (Read more from “Carter Page Reacts to Calls to Declassify FISA Documents” HERE)

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