Family of Teen Who Murdered American-Israeli to Receive Monthly Payment From Palestinian Authority

The family of a Palestinian teenager who killed a U.S.-Israeli citizen will be paid almost $400 a month by The Palestinian Authority, the Times of Israel reported.

On Sunday, Ari Fuld, 45, was stabbed to death outside of a West Bank shopping mall. Khalil Jabarin, 17, was arrested after Fuld was able to shoot and wound him.

The grandson of a Holocaust survivor, Fuld was a father of four and served in Lebanon as an IDF soldier.

During a chapel service, Fuld’s brother Moshe called him a hero.

“Who else could manage upon sustaining a fatal (stabbing) injury, to draw his pistol, jump a fence and shoot his attacker to make sure that his attacker would not hurt anyone else; only my brother, only my brother,” Moshe said.

“If there is one word to describe my brother, it was a hero.”

The Palestinian Authority denied an Israeli TV report that said the PA had already sent money to the killer’s family but confirmed that once all the paperwork is completed, money will start to flow.

Prisoner Affairs’ Commission spokesman Hassan Abd Rabbo said that the authority, which gives money to the families of Palestinians held for crimes in Israel, usually needs a few weeks to process paperwork.

“We are not bashful or secretive about our support for our prisoners,” he said. “The (Jabarin) family would be eligible to receive a monthly salary of NIS 1,400 ($390), if their son is not freed by Israel and it completes all the necessary documents.”

That amount will increase the longer Jabarin is held by Israel, he said.

Earlier this month, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said the way the Palestinian Authority spends money is one reason the U.S. is leery of giving it more aid, the Times of Israel reported.

“Since 1994, the United States has thrown more than $10 billion in humanitarian aid to the Palestinians,” Friedman said.

“Without minimizing the importance of medical treatment and quality education for children — and we don’t minimize that, not even for a minute — we found that these expenditures were bringing the region no closer to peace or stability, not even by a millimeter,” he said.

“To spend hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund stipends to terrorists and their families, to expend funds to perpetuate rather than to mitigate refugee status, and to finance hate-filled textbooks — I ask you, how does that provide value to the United States or the region?” he added.

Friedman took aim at the Palestinian Authority on Twitter, calling its practicing of paying murderers and criminals “unconscionable.”

“The Palestinian Prisoner Affairs Commission has confirmed that the family of the terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld is ‘eligible to receive a monthly salary’ as compensation for his incarceration. This practice is unconscionable and must stop if there is to be any hope for peace,” he tweeted.

Israel adopted the “Pay for Slay” law which seeks to discourage the practice by deducting “the amount of money that the Palestinian Authority gives to terrorists and their families from the taxes and tariffs Israel collects for the authority,” according to the Jerusalem Post.

“An effective war on terror is also waged via the pocketbooks of the terrorists and their families,” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said. (For more from the author of “Family of Teen Who Murdered American-Israeli to Receive Monthly Payment From Palestinian Authority” please click HERE)

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