Leftists in Complete Frenzy After Learning Trump Will Be Able to Message All Americans

If you’re a cell phone owner — and I’m assuming that applies to most of you in 2018 — you’ve probably received one of those alerts on your phone about an abducted child or a possible weather emergency, or just the usual test message.

Well, now FEMA is about to conduct a national test of part of their alert system in which the president can notify the American people in the event of an emergency, which is something that has to be pretty uncontroversial, right? I mean, there’s absolutely no way that this could possibly be problematic. . .

So, here’s the occasion that has liberals all in a tizzy: “The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on September 20, 2018,” the agency announced via a release.

“The WEA portion of the test commences at 2:18 p.m. EDT, and the EAS portion follows at 2:20 p.m. EDT. The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether improvements are needed.”

So far, so normal. The part they don’t like? “The EAS is a national public warning system that provides the President with the communications capability to address the nation during a national emergency,” the release reads.

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