Rare Mutation Makes Wild Copperhead Twice as Deadly

By Conservative Tribune. Copperhead snakes are already dangerous, but there’s a mutation that arguably makes one found recently twice as deadly.

In a statement released last week, the Wildlife Center of Virginia announced the discovery of a copperhead with two fully-developed heads. If you’re not a big fan of snakes, you might want to skip this article.

The snake was found in the northern part of the state, and was then quickly secured by a state herpetologist.

The center studied the serpent, finding that “it appears as though the left head is more dominant — it’s generally more active and responsive to stimulus.” Both heads appear to be able to eat and breathe, although the “dominance” of the left head could complicate things.

Although there’s only one set of lungs and a single heart in the body, both heads have their own trachea and esophagus. Radiographs of the snake show the eerie mutation in detail. (Read more from “Rare Mutation Makes Wild Copperhead Twice as Deadly” HERE)


North Carolina Man Chops Copperhead Snake Into ‘a Dozen Pieces’ After It Bites Family Dog

By Fox News. Brian Lewis felt a sense of panic when his dog’s loud barks in the backyard “suddenly stopped” last week. He rushed outside to discover his pup, Winnie, had been injured. . .

Lewis rushed Winnie to a nearby animal hospital, which confirmed his suspicion and treated the canine for a copperhead bite. . .

After returning from the vet, a furious Lewis found the copperhead likely responsible for the attack in his backyard and smashed it with a shovel.

“[The snake] was in about a dozen pieces before I regained my composure,” Lewis admitted to WNCN-News.

Winnie has been treated with antibiotics and pain medication. She hobbled around for days after the incident, but Lewis said she’s now on the mend. (Read more from “North Carolina Man Chops Copperhead Snake Into ‘a Dozen Pieces’ After It Bites Family Dog” HERE)

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