Watch Ridiculous 1973 Doomsday Prediction

Another “doomsday date” is looming – this one largely forgotten since an Australian television network broadcast globalist predictions of over-population, pollution, hunger and poverty. . .

It’s all based on a computer program developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology circa 1973 by pioneer Jay Forrester who was commissioned by the Club of Rome to determine how sustainable global mega-trends were at the time. . .

The Club of Rome is an organization comprised of thinkers, former world heads of states, scientists, and U.N. bureaucrats with the mission to “promote understanding of the global challenges facing humanity and to propose solutions through scientific analysis, communication, and advocacy.”

Dug up from the TV vaults, the program predicts things are going to get extremely bad in 2020 – just about the time, coincidentally, Donald Trump is seeking re-election as president of the United States. That’s when the quality of life goes down to zero. Pollution becomes so serious it will start to kill people, which in turn will cause the population to diminish, lower than it was in the 1900s.

The Club of Rome predicted some nations, like the U.S., would have to cut back on their appetites for gobbling up the world’s resources. It hoped that in the future world, prestige would stem from “low consumption” (the term “carbon footprint,” had not yet been devised). (Read more from “Watch Ridiculous 1973 Doomsday Prediction” HERE)

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