20 Killed in Tragic Upstate New York Limo Crash

Twenty people were tragically killed in a collision Saturday after a fully-occupied limousine car careened through an intersection in upstate New York, hitting a parked car and two bystanders.

A 2001 Ford Excursion limousine sped through an intersection into Apple Barrel Country Store and Cafe’s parking lot, striking a car and two bystanders near the vehicle, New York state police reported in a Sunday press conference. The crash occurred in Schoharie, a small town roughly 160 miles north of New York City.

“This is a wonderful, small-knit community of people who care about each other,” Apple Barrel employee Liz Gallup told USA Today Sunday. “People are coming in, they are hugging, they are sharing. And they want to know that we are OK.”

The two bystanders were killed, as well as the limousine driver was killed, according to state police. All the victims were adults.

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