Cringeworthy: Failed 2016 Candidate Says All Black Men Look Alike, or Something

She’s the woman who just cannot fade into the night. Hillary Rodham Clinton still says she wants to be president when asked about 2020. Of course, why should she think otherwise, as annoying as she is in the national political discourse? The fact that Democrats keep circling back to her is indicative of their weak bench. Yes, there are a lot of up-and-coming progressives, but no one knows who the hell they are—and their credentials are shoddy, to say the least. If there is any name recognition, it’s deeply curtailed by geography, like no one knows who the hell Sen. Cory Booker is outside of Jersey, Sen. Gillibrand outside of the Catskill Mountains. For all their hollering, the fact remains that Donald Trump is still on the path to re-election.

Clinton made these remarks in New York City, though she also decided to make what some are saying could be construed as a racial remark, namely by saying that all black males look alike. . .

Ms. Swisher did mix up Eric Holder and Cory Booker, which led to Mrs. Clinton saying, “Well, they all look alike.” Swisher was asking about the recent incivility in our discourse (which is still politics at its base level, but whatever), noting Holder’s remarks about kicking Republicans; Swisher incorrectly said it was Booker. Clinton did say she adores Booker prior to this rather odd remark.

Not all agree that this was a racial joke, but rather a bad impromptu comment made in light of Swisher’s error. (Read more from “Cringeworthy: Failed 2016 Candidate Says All Black Men Look Alike, or Something” HERE)

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