Here’s What Happened to the Special Education Teacher Who Tweeted About ‘Killing Kavanaugh’

By Townhall. The Minnesota Special Education teacher, Sam Ness, who tweeted about wanting someone to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has voluntarily resigned, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. . .

According to a press release from Intermediate School District 917, the district immediately put Ness on paid administrative leave while the complaints were investigated. Ultimately, they found out that the special education teacher made the threats on her own personal device on her free time.

“The actions of the employee did not occur at school, and there was no school devices, equipment, or other school staff involved in the actions,” Superintendent Mark A. Zuzek said in a statement. “At no time were students or staff in danger.” (Read more from “Here’s What Happened to the Special Education Teacher Who Tweeted About ‘Killing Kavanaugh'” HERE)


Rosemount Educator Resigns After ‘Kill Kavanaugh’ Tweet

By Star Tribune. A Rosemount school district employee has resigned over a social media post in which she appeared to suggest that someone should kill new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The district said Tuesday that the instructor at the Alliance Education Center, whom it did not name, had voluntarily resigned from her position with the district. In a statement posted on the district’s website, Intermediate School District 917 Superintendent Mark Zuzek wrote that the staff member did not make the post on Twitter while at school, adding that “there were no school devices, equipment or other school staff involved in the actions.”

“At no time were students or staff in danger,” he wrote. “The employee was placed on paid administrative leave and an investigation conducted.”

Zuzek said the district began receiving complaints about the tweet on Sunday. It read: “So whose [sic] gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” By Monday, a spokesman for the FBI office in Minneapolis said the agency was aware of the posting, and the school district was conducting its own review. (Read more from “Rosemount Educator Resigns After ‘Kill Kavanaugh’ Tweet” HERE)

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