Illegal Alien From Charged With Brutally Raping Woman

By The Daily Caller. An illegal alien from El Salvador, who was previously deported from the U.S., was charged with the rape and a list of other charges after a woman in Long Island, New York, was attacked, beaten unconscious and was then raped.

Ever Martinez-Reyes, 24, was charged with rape, sexual assault, and other assault charges, and ordered to be held without bail at a Saturday arraignment, Fox News reported. Martinez-Reyes allegedly followed his female target around until he felt like he could get away with raping her, according to police. Martinez-Reyes originally entered the country illegally in 2010 before he was deported, however he illegally entered the U.S. again in 2014, according to ABC 7.

“When he assaulted her and knocked her out, he then proceeded to rape her,” Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder told Newsday. “She woke up and he knocked her out again and viciously continued to assault her.” (Read more from “Illegal Alien From Charged With Brutally Raping Woman” HERE)


Trump: ‘Tidal Wave’ of Illegal Immigration, Crime Coming If Democrats Win Midterms

By Breitbart. President Trump says a “tidal wave” of crime, illegal immigration, and drugs would flood into the United States if a plan by Senate Democrats is ever implemented.
During a campaign rally for Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach in Topeka, Kansas, Trump called out Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) plan for open borders that every Senate Democrat has announced they support.

“Every single Democrat in the U.S. Senate has signed up for the open borders, and it’s a bill, it’s called the open borders bill, what’s going on and it’s written by… guess who? Dianne Feinstein,” Trump said.

“If the Democrats’ bill ever becomes law, a tidal wave of drugs and crime would pour into our nation like never, ever before,” Trump continued. “Democrats also support deadly sanctuary cities that release violent predators and blood-thirsty killers like MS-13 into our communities.”

Kobach echoed Trump’s denouncing of Democrats’ support for illegal immigration, saying, “It’s time to put Kansans first, not illegal aliens.” (Read more from “Trump: ‘Tidal Wave’ of Illegal Immigration, Crime Coming If Democrats Win Midterms” HERE)

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