I’m an Immigrant, and Trump Represents My Views on Immigration Way Better Than Democrats Do

. . .[T]he Democrats who want to abolish ICE and have open borders aren’t thinking it through: Would having millions of un-vetted people coming across the border really be a good idea? And how will Democrats’ push for “Medicare for all” square with unlimited immigration?

Many liberal Democrats are concerned about and troubled by their party’s affinity for illegal immigration. I read The New York Times regularly, and in the last several years, I’ve been surprised to see that, in the comments section of many articles on immigration, some of the most liberal readers in the country have expressed deep reservations. They just can’t voice their thoughts more openly because they’d be pilloried as racist, nativist and xenophobic.

Finally, there is the issue of how the public policies on illegal immigration have been emotionalized and sensationalized. Here again, it has been done deliberately and often dishonestly to tug at the heartstrings of fair-minded Americans. It’s also important to establish that talking honestly about illegal immigration and about enforcing our immigration laws doesn’t automatically establish personal animus against individual illegal immigrants.

I am an immigrant who finds herself thinking that the Trump administration officials are increasingly the adults in the room on immigration policies. I certainly don’t agree with everything this administration says and does on the issue, but I agree even less—or hardly at all—with the Democratic Party’s current stances. Also, some of Trump’s harsher policies seem to me as deterrent in nature. Democrats need to lose election after election until they see they see the light on immigration. (Read more from “I’m an Immigrant, and Trump Represents My Views on Immigration Way Better Than Democrats Do” HERE)

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