Professors Bully Student Into Silence After She Brought up Abortion in Class

Two profs at the University of the Fraser Valley browbeat a Christian student for almost an hour for bringing up abortion in the classroom.

Then-student Valerie Flokstra secretly recorded that meeting which took place last year. Former classmates who recently heard that recording were shocked by what they heard and urged her to make it public. A full transcript of the recording she made of her meeting with the two profs is available on National Campus Life Network’s blog.

Professor Nancy Norman and Department Head Vandy Britton ultimately told Flokstra that speaking about abortion made the classroom “unsafe.”

“So we don’t put forward ideas that are… intentionally or not… that are hateful. And I think sometimes abortion is one of those contentious issues that can make someone feel threatened on both sides,” said Britton.

Flokstra said that such comments made it appear as if the “program is about feeling safe” instead “about learning.” She said that she thought universities were “supposed to be places with freedom of speech and sharing ideas.” (Read more from “Professors Bully Student Into Silence After She Brought up Abortion in Class” HERE)

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