Uh-Oh: It’s Not Looking Good for Keith Ellison in Minnesota

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison is running for Attorney General of Minnesota, but it no longer appears he’ll sail to victory, in part thanks to allegations of domestic abuse that have surfaced in recent weeks.

As Democrats urged Americans to “believe all women” during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, they were quietly trying to ignore allegations that Ellison had abused his longtime girlfriend (and possibly his ex-wife).

The oversight has led to questions about whether the Democratic Party — and, in particular, Minnesota’s state party — is really interested in fully investigating allegations of sexual assault and “believing all women” who suggest they may have been physically abused.

Last month, The Hill reports, Ellison was running five points ahead of his Republican challenger, Minnesota state Rep. Doug Wardlow. . .

The allegations against Ellison surfaced in a Facebook post published over the summer by the son of Ellison’s former girlfriend. Recently, outside sources close to the woman suggest she has evidence in the form of photos and videos but hasn’t brought the information forward to police. The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party says they conducted an investigation into the matter but that they could not substantiate the claims of abuse. (Read more from “Uh-Oh: It’s Not Looking Good for Keith Ellison in Minnesota” HERE)

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