Violence Erupts: Caravan Migrant Killed at Mexican Border

On Sunday, a new wave of hundreds of migrants heading toward the U.S. attempted to force their way over Mexico’s southern border. Violence erupted, leaving one of the migrants dead after what the group says was a rubber bullet fired by Mexican federal police struck him in the head. Mexican authorities, however, deny that their security forces are to blame.

The incident took place at the border near Tecun Uman, where the group of migrants “broke through border barriers,” as another group had done last week. The situation quickly devolved into violence.

“At a news conference late Sunday, Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida denied that his country’s forces were responsible,” the Associated Press reports. “He said that Mexican federal police and immigration agents were attacked with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks when migrants broke through a gate on the Mexican side of the border, but that none of the officers were armed with firearms or anything that could fire rubber bullets. Navarrete said some of the attackers carried guns and firebombs.” . . .

The Trump administration is preparing for the arrival of the waves of migrants and being vocal about those efforts. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the press traveling with him in Prague Sunday that an additional 1,000 active duty Army troops are being prepped to join the approximately 2,000 National Guard forces already at the southern border. (Read more from “Violence Erupts: Caravan Migrant Killed at Mexican Border” HERE)

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