ABC News Calls Indiana Senate Race for Republican Over Democrat Incumbent

ABC News has called Indiana’s Senate race for the challenging Republican, Mike Braun, over incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly, in the first Republican Senate seat conversion of the 2018 midterms.

Braun is a relative unknown in the state and does not have a particularly compelling public speaking style nor a strong public record. Indiana was also an early and huge Donald Trump state in 2016. So it’s fair to wager voters here turned out more for Trump and against Democrats than for Braun specifically. Trump returned the love, visiting the state repeatedly, including just yesterday for a rally of an estimated 20,000 people in the largest stadium in Fort Wayne, Indiana’s second-largest city.

People who had arrived several hours before Trump was due managed to get seats, but a line some 300 yards long still snaked into the parking lot when the stadium reached capacity and outsiders were turned away. Similarly, polling places across the city and state were packed to levels precinct workers said they’d never seen in years of working election days, surpassing even the 2016 record-setting surge. . .

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