American Killed After Illegally Making Contact With Isolated Indian Tribe

An America man’s trip to India’s North Sentinel Island, home to an indigenous tribe protected from outside contact by law, resulted in his death at the hands of tribesmen, authorities said Wednesday.

The man, John Allen Chau, 27, took a ride with a local fishermen around India’s Andaman Islands, AFP reports, then set out alone in a canoe to reach the remote North Sentinel Island, home to the Sentinelese, a tribe protected by law from outside contact “in a bid to protect their indigenous way of life and shield them from diseases.”

After several trips to the Andaman Islands, located in the Indian Ocean, Chau finally made it to the isolated island. According to AFP’s law enforcement sources, things immediately became dangerous.

“As soon as he set foot on the island, Chau found himself facing a flurry of arrows,” AFP reports. “Police have registered a case of murder and seven accused persons have been arrested.” BBC reports that “seven fishermen have been arrested for illegally ferrying the American to the island.” . . .

The Sentinelese, who number between 50 to 150, are known to be hostile to outsiders, shunning contact with the outside world. AFP notes that the Andamans are also home to the Jarawa tribe, who number around 400, and “who activists say are at threat from outsiders, who often bribe local authorities to spend a day out with them.” (Read more from “American Killed After Illegally Making Contact With Isolated Indian Tribe” HERE)

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