Ironic: President of LGBT Dating App Says Marriage Is ‘Between Man and Woman’

The president of an LGBT dating app known as Grindr is facing fierce backlash after posting a lengthy Facebook post about how “marriage is a holy matrimony between a man and a woman.” Scott Chen wrote and then deleted a post saying he disagrees with Christian groups who oppose gay marriage but also said it’s his personal belief that marriage is between one man and one woman, The Guardian reported.

The post was originally written in Chinese but was later translated. Here’s what it said (You can get the gist of what he said despite Google Translator’s horrible sentence structure):

Someone thinks marriage is a holy combination of a male and a woman, and I also think it is, but this is your home.

. . .

Chen’s comments were made after voters in Taiwan rejected LBGT legislation. Those pushing the legislation wanted to make Taiwan the first Asian country to allow gay couples to share custody of children and insurance benefits.

Chen became President of the mobile app earlier this year when Grindr’s founder, Joel Simkhai, announced his departure. The app was then sold to the Kunlun Group, a Chinese technology firm. That’s when Chen moved from being Chief Technology Officer to President. (Read more from “Ironic: President of LGBT Dating App Says Marriage Is ‘Between Man and Woman'” HERE)

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