Jersey Trash: Sleazy Bob Menendez Wins Re-Election

Well, it looks like Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez is projected to win re-election. The Jersey trash Democrat was engulfed in a major ethics scandal, in which he was accused of taking lavish gifts from Dr. Salomon Melgen in exchange for political favors. Melgen was recently convicted and sentenced to 17 years in prison for health care fraud. The months-long trial dented Menendez’s approval numbers, but it ended with a hung jury—and the Department of Justice declined to retry him.

Republican Bob Hugin was said to have run an excellent campaign against Menendez, hitting him with endless attack ads. With no real competitive House races in the Garden State to help turn out key areas of Democratic support—party insiders were worried that their base wouldn’t turn out. These fears were complicated by the fact that Menendez’s approval ratings are in the toilet, with Democrats depressed over the ethics fiasco.

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