Mexican Immigration Agents Detain 213 Migrants in Fourth Caravan

By Washington Examiner. Mexican immigration agents on Wednesday detained almost all of the Central American migrants on a fourth caravan that recently entered Mexico seeking to reach the United States.

Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said 213 migrants were detained and taken to a processing center. Those found to lack proper documents may face repatriation to their home countries.

The migrants detained on a highway between the Guatemalan border and the southern Mexican city of Tapachula included 186 people from El Salvador, 16 from Guatemala, 10 Honduras and one Nicaraguan.

The group set out from El Salvador on Nov. 18 and apparently crossed the river dividing Guatemala and Mexico on Tuesday. That is the same route the three larger caravans took after entering Mexico starting Oct. 19.

The caravans find strength in numbers, and Mexican officials have been loath to confront the first caravans, which numbered between 1,500 and 6,000. But agents have detained smaller groups that split off from the larger caravans. (Read more from “Mexican Immigration Agents Detain 213 Migrants in Fourth Caravan” HERE)


Homeland Secretary Says Caravan Organizers Using Women and Children as Human Shields

By CBN News. Homeland Security Secretary Kirjsten Nielsen offered a disturbing assessment when she toured the border wall in southern California Tuesday.

She observed the work of Border Patrol and US active duty troops who have been installing new concertina wire along the wall in preparation for those in the caravan who will try to enter the US illegally.

Nielsen says 6,200 of the 10,000-strong caravan are already in Tijuana, and they have a strategy for sneaking across the border.

“Organizers of the caravan have been pushing women and children and others to the front of the caravan in the hope that law enforcement will not engage them,” Nielsen reports. “This is particularly dangerous given the unusual propensity for violence we have seen in this caravan.” (Read more from “Homeland Secretary Says Caravan Organizers Using Women and Children as Human Shields” HERE)

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