Michelle Obama Makes Insane Accusation About Trump

Former first lady Michelle Obama has some choice words for President Trump in her new book “Becoming” which will be released Tuesday. The Associated Press reported Friday that Obama accused Trump of stalking Hillary Clinton during a debate through his “body language.” She also said she would “never forgive” him over his birtherism comments.

She accused Trump of stalking Clinton through body language during an election debate because he followed her around the stage and stood nearby “trying to diminish her presence.” . . .

This refrain of “stalking” during an October 2016 presidential debate was something the Clinton campaign initially claimed and was subsequently taken up by many on the left.

“This is not OK, I thought,” Clinton wrote in her memoir a year later. “It was the second presidential debate and Donald Trump was looming behind me.”

“We were on a small stage and no matter where I walked, he followed me closely, staring at me, making faces. It was incredibly uncomfortable. He was literally breathing down my neck. My skin crawled,” she said. (Read more from “Michelle Obama Makes Insane Accusation About Trump” HERE)

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