Priest: Leaders Must Stop Pushing Lie That God Makes Some People Gay

There’s a terrible problem with the Catholic Church when some of its leaders are pushing LGBT propaganda in conflict with Church teachings, Canonist Father Gerald Murray said recently, and true accompaniment means telling a same-sex attracted person not to act upon their sexual inclination.

Murray and The Catholic Thing Editor-in-chief Robert Royal offered straight talk on Catholic teaching once again on the Oct. 25 edition of EWTN’s World Over program when discussing the just concluded Youth Synod.

Host Raymond Arroyo asked the two about the significance of the Church working with the term “LGBT” as part of the Youth Synod. Despite not having surfaced in pre-Synod discussions the term LGBT did get inserted into the Synod’s working document – the first time for such ideologically-driven language to be included in a Vatican document.

“It is a terrible problem for the Church, precisely because some of the leadership is pushing the line that Father James Martin has been pushing in his books and speeches, which is that God made you this way,” Murray said. “And the assertions made: God made me a homosexual, God made me a bisexual, God made me a transgender person – and this is not true.” . . .

“It does not include committing acts of sodomy, it does not include saying that God made me a male, but I really am a female, and therefore I’m a female,” he said. “And it does not include people having sex with people of both sexes and claiming this is their divine vocation.” (Read more from “Priest: Catholic Leaders Must Stop Pushing Lie That God Makes Some People Gay” HERE)

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