Senate Judiciary: Here’s Everyone We Interviewed About Ford’s Allegations and What They Said

On Nov. 2, the Senate Judiciary Committee released a 28-page summary of its investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, along with 386 pages of exhibits.

“After an extensive investigation that included the thorough review of all potentially credible evidence submitted and interviews of more than 40 individuals with information relating to the allegations, including classmates and friends of all those involved, Committee investigators found no witness who could provide any verifiable evidence to support any of the allegations brought against Justice Kavanaugh,” the committee concludes in the report. “In other words, following the separate and extensive investigations by both the Committee and the FBI, there was no evidence to substantiate any of the claims of sexual assault made against Justice Kavanaugh.”

The committee goes on to provide summaries of all the key evidence and interviews they conducted into the misconduct claims, including those related to the allegations leveled by Christine Blasey Ford. Along with detailing some of the evidence challenging some of Ford’s claims — including her alleged fear of flying and small spaces, as well as her claim that she had no experience taking or preparing for a polygraph test — the committee explained what potential witnesses told them under oath.

In addition to Ford, Kavanaugh and the three witnesses Ford named — who either denied any knowledge of the alleged incident or directly refuted her claims — the committee spoke with 14 former classmates of Ford and Kavanaugh. “None of them had any knowledge of the conduct alleged against Justice Kavanaugh by Dr. Ford or of the gathering at which she claimed to have been assaulted,” the committee states.

The committee notes that a “large portion of individuals providing testimony in support of Justice Kavanaugh asked that their names be redacted out of fear that their statements might result in personal or professional retribution or personal physical harm – or even risk the safety and well-being of their families and friends.” The committee respected those requests for anonymity and redacted their names from the summary and documents. (Read more from “Senate Judiciary: Here’s Everyone We Interviewed About Ford’s Allegations and What They Said” HERE)

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