Tijuana Mayor Unloads on Caravan, Will No Longer Offer Assistance to Migrants

By Townhall. Tijuana’s mayor has had enough. He’s not spending any more city funds to help the migrants and he’s calling for the arrest of the caravan’s leader. The migrant caravan, mostly made up of Hondurans, has finally reached the U.S. southern border, where it clashed with both Mexican police and U.S. Border Patrol. They tried to rush the border crossing last weekend, which was thwarted. Tear gas had to be used to disperse the crowd, which sent liberal America into full froth. Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) wondered if the chemical weapons convention was violated. It wasn’t. This is pure idiocy. It was pure pandemonium.

Tijuana’s mayor simply said that his city doesn’t have the resources to shelter the migrants. The migrant caravan has also cannibalized too much economic activity. Tax increases could be on the table for the city’s residents if things don’t get cleared up soon (via Fox News):

After declaring the migrant caravan a “humanitarian crisis” this week, Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum told Fox News that he can no longer continue to fund the municipal effort to shelter them without federal assistance.

“I’m not going to break public services to solve this problem,” the Tijuana mayor said. . .

“In those six hours that the border was closed, we lost approximately 129 million pesos,” he said. “That’s not fair. How do you think people from Tijuana feel towards those people who are making problems?”

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Shouting ‘Mexico First,’ Hundreds in Tijuana March Against Migrant Caravan

By NPR. The message for the migrant caravan was clear from marchers on Sunday in Tijuana, Mexico: We don’t want you here.

“We want the caravan to go; they are invading us,” said Patricia Reyes, a 62-year-old protester, hiding from the sun under an umbrella. “They should have come into Mexico correctly, legally, but they came in like animals.”

A few hundred Tijuanenses gathered in the city’s high-end Rio area to protest the groups migrating from Central American countries.

Demonstrators held signs reading “No illegals,” “No to the invasion” and “Mexico First.” Many wore the country’s red, white and green national soccer jersey and vigorously waved Mexican flags. The crowd often slipped into chants of “Ti-jua-na!” and “Me-xi-co!” They sang the national anthem several times. (Read more from “Shouting ‘Mexico First,’ Hundreds in Tijuana March Against Migrant Caravan” HERE)

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